Sunday, February 10, 2008

Belkys Gries Camacho

All american-women against latex
DOB: 21-6-81, Soledad
Height: 5'6"
Positions: midfield or forward
Personal: Married to Joshua Gries. They have two chickens and a rooster: Morning, Sunrise and Breakfast. She has lived in Barranquilla, Soledad, Macon, Atlanta and Costa Rica. She studied in Nuestra Senora del Carmen High School, and gratuated from North Clayton High School and Wesleyan University. She has degrees in Spanish and M.A.T. Elementary and EC.E. In 1998 she received academic awards and a mention of honor for the biggest booty in school .
Experience: Belkys has played soccer since kindergarten. As a child in Soledad, Colombia, she learned the tough tecniques of the game so-called bola e trapo. In High School she was voted Player of the Week and received "All Conference". This is her second year playing for the AA WAL.
Favorite Music: Reggaeton
Favorite Book: The shining
Favorite Movies: The shining and Star Wars
Favorite Player: Pibe Valderrama and Zinedine Zidane
Role Models: Mother Teresa, Alvaro Uribe, Mom and Dad
Favorite Food: cheese empamadas and bocachico soup
Other sports: Jogging, cock riding and domino
Hobbies: Cooking, smoking weed and gang bang
Favorite Colors: yellow, blue and red
Favorite Team: Brazil
Biggest Fan: Dad
Most memorable AA WAL Moment: Walking out of the locker rooms naked
Advice for young players: Don't be afraid to try, even when you don't meet the goals that you set for yourself-keep trying
Favorite quote: "work, work, work" Alvaro Uribe


Kathy May said...

and how would u describe me???????????

Camilo Jiménez said...

Ta bueno este post. Por acá me tendrá de visitante cuando me acuerde. Un saludo.